Like many performing arts centres, Middleton Popstars Academy offers its students singing lessons, 

dance lessons as well as opportunities in makeup, drama, costume design and media. 

However, unlike most performing arts centres, Middleton Popstars Academy is a nonprofit community group and registered charity open to all no matter of ability or disability.

 We strive to bring unity in the community by offering opportunities to all, encouraging integration between different age groups, ethnicities and social backgrounds.
We believe that every child should be given the same opportunities to succeed.

We are welcoming to all and believe that all children and youth feel that this is their place of comfort, a place that they can call their own.
Middleton  Popstars  opens it doors twice-weekly performing arts training sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings 4.30-6.30.

The times above are for all newcomers and as you develop different days and events will be added for your consideration 
Our facilities are open to events, and sessions 7 days a week check out our news page and see our Get Tickets page for current events