Middleton Popstars Academy, much like numerous performing arts centers, provides a diverse range of artistic avenues for its students, encompassing singing and dance lessons, along with immersive experiences in makeup artistry, drama, costume design, and media exploration. However, what sets Middleton Popstars Academy apart from the majority of performing arts centers is its distinction as a non-profit community group and charity, fostering an inclusive environment that embraces individuals of all abilities and disabilities.

Our core mission revolves around fostering unity within the community by ensuring equal opportunities for everyone. We actively promote interaction among different age brackets, ethnicities, and social strata, fostering an intergenerational exchange that enriches the experience for all involved.

The inception of this dream traces back to the vision of our manager, who, alongside the dearly missed Grace McKnowen, laid the foundation over two decades ago. Throughout its established tenure, Popstars has provided invaluable structure and stability to countless children, young adults, and even older members of the community, aspiring to continue this impactful journey for years to come.

Several of our members have been part of Popstars since its inception, joining us at the age of 11. Over the years, they've significantly contributed to the establishment of our youth forum, and now, at 21 years old, they play a pivotal role in running Popstars, offering mentorship and guidance to younger members, thus perpetuating a cycle of support and empowerment.

Our secretary's journey began with her child, whom no other institution was willing to accommodate due to his condition. At Popstars, we firmly believe that every child deserves equal opportunities for success, regardless of any challenges they may face.

Creating a nurturing haven for all is at the heart of our ethos. We aim to make every child and youth feel a sense of belonging—a place they can unequivocally call their own, fostering a supportive and comforting environment.

Fortuitously, our venue boasts a charming 1950s-style theater, boasting a capacity of 90 seats, complemented by a fully licensed bar and state-of-the-art lighting and tech amenities that are continually expanding. This space serves as a creative canvas, offering opportunities for individuals to craft their own theatrical productions and events, thereby encouraging creative expression and exploration for all who step through our doors.