Middleton Popstars Academy invites you to experience a unique rendition of "The Lion King" at Bojangles Theatre! Our community theatre and dance group brings this classic tale to life with a touch of enchantment, supported by thoughtfully designed costumes that add charm to every scene. From the dignified lions to the vibrant creatures of the savanna, our talented cast wears carefully crafted ensembles that reflect the essence of their characters, subtly enhancing their performances. Join us for a visually delightful journey through the African wilderness, where our costumes play a supporting role in creating a memorable production.

Bojangles Theatre provides the perfect setting for our production, with its state-of-the-art facilities and intimate atmosphere, ensuring that every seat offers a front-row experience to the magic unfolding on stage.

Whether you're a fan of the original story or discovering "The Lion King" for the first time, our adaptation promises to captivate, inspire, and leave you with memories to cherish. Come and witness the roar of Middleton Popstars Academy's "The Lion King" at Bojangles Theatre—an unmissable event where talent meets imagination!