All the Facilities below can be hired please phone 01616537747 for your requirements 

Bojangles Theatre

Our intimate theatre space boasts 90 comfortable seats, a licensed bar offering pre-show drinks, and a delightful tuck shop for your snacking pleasure. Equipped with top-notch lighting and sound systems, our venue ensures an immersive experience for every performance. Whether you're here for our captivating shows or looking to hire the space for your own event, Bojangles Theatre is your stage for unforgettable moments in the world of theatre.

Dance Studio

Step into our versatile dance studio, where a specially designed sprung wooden floor supports your every move. With floor-to-ceiling mirrors and facilities for ballet and pole dancing, our space caters to diverse styles and levels. Join our welcoming community and explore the joy of movement guided by experienced instructors. Unleash your passion and embrace the artistry of dance in a supportive and inspiring environment. Additionally, our studio is available for hire, offering the perfect venue for events, workshops, or rehearsals.

Recording Studio

Our intimate space is perfect for musicians looking for a relaxed, professional environment to bring their music to life. Equipped with high-quality gear and a professional team, we offer a personalized experience to help you create the sound you envision. Whether you're recording tracks, perfecting demos, or working on your next album, our studio provides the ideal setting for your musical journey.

Cutting Room 

In the heart of our theatre lies the Cutting Room, a hub dedicated to the art of costume design and creation. This space, tucked away backstage, buzzes with the energy of creativity. The workshop is the space that makes the costumes for our productions come to life. We offer classes that invite enthusiasts to explore the intricacies of costume design and manufacture.